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Self Storage Service

  • Long term or short term storage service are all welcome.
  • Unlimited free access to warehouse within business hours, safe and easy!
  • 24 hours CCTV and security guard stationed to ensure your container(s) is safe!
  • No minimum charge, no registration fee, no admission fee!
  • Suitable for all kinds of business or personal usage
  • Forklift and hand pallet truck are available for hire
  • 貨櫃倉登記入口
    To Registration Counter
  • 貨櫃倉登記櫃位
    To Registration Counter
  • 10呎貨櫃外觀
    10 feet Container Warehouse
  • 10呎貨櫃內觀
    10 feet Container Warehouse
  • 20呎貨櫃內觀
    20 feet Container Warehouse
  • 40呎貨櫃內觀
    40 feet Container Warehouse
  • 儲存倉服務相片
  • 儲物倉服務相片
  • 貨倉相片
  • 租倉相片
  • 儲倉相片
  • 倉儲相片